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24 Feb

British Are Not Amused

A British anti-news program goes through the Apple announcement and points out everything and nothing. Let it be noted that [&hellip

23 Feb

iPad is Like Nachos?

We’re not sure why this is funny, but first it made us smile, then it made us laugh. Good job [&hellip

16 Feb

Stephen Colbert’s iPad

This video is not as much a joke as it is a further reminder that Stephen Colbert loves to make [&hellip

12 Feb

Obama: State of the iPad Address

Yes, a bit nonsensical but a bit of reality at the same time. Funny in one of those, “oh yeah [&hellip

10 Feb

The Magical iPad

It’s magical, it’s fun. It’s the truly. Magical. iPad. Extra points for replicating the same actor so many times, and [&hellip

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