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12 Feb

Obama: State of the iPad Address

Yes, a bit nonsensical but a bit of reality at the same time. Funny in one of those, “oh yeah [&hellip

11 Feb

iPad Features

Yes, we know there are a ton of these. And yes, we love them all! Bring them on! Can someone [&hellip

10 Feb

The Magical iPad

It’s magical, it’s fun. It’s the truly. Magical. iPad. Extra points for replicating the same actor so many times, and [&hellip

5 Feb

On A Boat Parody: On A Mac

Oh how we love Adam Sandberg videos. They have a way of capturing the craziness of our current cultural milieu

5 Feb

Matt Damon’s iPad

Great voices, funny interactions, almost hits it out of the ballpark. Best iPad video so far

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