2 Feb

iPad Jokes from Twitter

Thanks to Jezebel, the best jokes from Twitter:

tjakabon: “It surfs the web AND stops the bleeding.”

Gelatobaby: And you can use the giant QWERTY keyboard to get your period on the #iPad!

CarolBlymire: Is #apple making an iPad for light-flow days? Just wondering…

Trish1981: iPad? Really? All I can say is, I’m sticking with Always, bitches.

tremendousnews: So I can say “That chick is on her iPad” and not be called a pig? Thank you Apple.

melissapierce: iPad has changed “the conversation” from how we use tech in context to how we use tech as Kotex. (who named this thing?)

TwittsMcGee: I haven’t heard this many period jokes since I was forced to watch The View last month. #iPad

kathycacace: Okay, just one more. The iPad: protecting your data from embarrassing incidents.

Johnpapa: “64 gig iPad will forever be known as the heavy flow model.”

29 Jan

Apple Branded Maxipad

28 Jan

Oldest iPad Joke

MadTV put this skit together way back in 2007. Little did they know that it would become one of the most visited videos on YouTube.

27 Jan

First Post!

When Apple decided to name their latest product “iPad” it left quite a lot of room for comedic interpretation. We are excited to launch our humor blog with jokes, photos, and commentary on the funnier side of Apple’s iPad.

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