19 Apr

The iPad Nano

BREAKING NEWS: Reports of a smaller iPad, some are calling “iPad Nano,” have surfaced. It is believed to have a camera, telephone, and built-in recording apps.

16 Apr

iPad vs. Maxipad

Fridays at iPadJokes.com are for feminine hygiene, so here is our favorite comparison graphic.

15 Apr

Evolution of the iPad

Like all great ideas, the iPad is just a small step in the progression of larger, and then even larger touch-screen devices.

14 Apr

iPad Case

What happens when a company creates a new device that is so revolutionary and so new that it doesn’t fit traditional paradigms or traditional pockets? Well, innovation in the marketplace, and especially in pocket design.

13 Apr

Is iPad Better Than A Slate?

Only a side-by-side comparison will bring out the true differences between Apple’s iPad and a traditional slate.

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