12 Apr

New iPad With Wings

Definitely the gift that keeps on giving, Apple’s name of “iPad” has spawned a new generation of satirists that will rival the vaudeville stars of yesteryear.

9 Apr

Super Absorbant iPad

It’s Friday! That’s Feminine Hygiene Joke Day here at iPadJokes.com 🙂

8 Apr

iPhone iPad Upgrade

As much as the world changes, some things stay the same. Take for example the joke that the iPad is just a big iPod Touch or iPhone. Those of us who have iPads know how awesome it is to use full-screen apps on the iPad. But the jokes continue, as is the march of humor.

7 Apr

Blending an iPad

The folks over at Will It Blend? have been destroying Apple products for years now. It was practically expected that they would blend an iPad.

6 Apr

iPad Maxipad Case

Unlike most of the images and videos featured on our website, this item has the unique distinction of being both funny and real. The “iMaxi” is an iPad case made to look like a sanitary napkin and is available for order here.

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