5 Apr

iPad Maxipad Commercial

What happens when you mix the infamous Jonathan Ive’s “magic” introduction with a maxipad commercial? Comic gold.

4 Apr

iPad Dancing Commercial

This video plays on the fact that an iPad is too large to dance with, put in a pocket, or hold for longer than 15 seconds.

1 Apr

New iPad Packaging Revealed

More creative interpretations of Apple’s chosen name, and of course Adobe’s Photoshop is to blame.

28 Mar

iPad Overview Spoof

This video has some particularly good writing: “Pretty much we took out everything. And we made it bigger.” and “iPad is the best way to browse the web. Period. Bar noon. Unless you want to go to a site that has Flash.”

24 Mar

iPad Grandma Spoof Video

Sometimes making fun of Apple’s Jonathan Ived is just too easy. Get someone with a mock English accent, repeat word for word what he said in the iPad introduction video, interlace it with random funny bits and you have the latest YouTube spoof.

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