8 Mar

Another iPad with Wings

It seems that the maxipad jokes just will not stop. Did Apple choose a silly name? Yes. Do these jokes get old? Of course not. Are we going to continue publishing every photoshopped maxipad? Of course we are!

3 Mar

Tom Cruise Mac Ad

It’s always funny when there is a Tom Cruise parody, so add Apple’s marketing into the mix and it turns in to a fun little video romp. Even though they didn’t actually use Tom Cruise, I couldn’t help but think it was actually him. I would dare say that the impersonator probably acted the part even better than Tom Cruise could have.

2 Mar

iPad vs. The Situation

Ah, Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. Spice him up with a little bit of iPad and an Apple “I’m a Mac” commercial, and you get a juicy bit of humorous video. Where do they find all these actors with killer abs anyway? If I see one more guy with perfect “Situation” abs in another YouTube video, I’m going to go out and buy “8 Minute Abs.”

1 Mar

Yet Another Hitler iPad Video

26 Feb

Another Hitler iPad Video

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