25 Feb

50 Fart Apps

24 Feb

British Are Not Amused

A British anti-news program goes through the Apple announcement and points out everything and nothing. Let it be noted that they were the first to suggest using the iPad as an electronic burka and cutting board.

23 Feb

iPad is Like Nachos?

We’re not sure why this is funny, but first it made us smile, then it made us laugh. Good job rolling a whole bunch of stuff together that really just doesn’t make sense. Like all YouTube content, the more original the composition the funnier then joke. In this case it feels like a winner.

22 Feb

Letter to Apple

More about what we said on Friday about dashing the fanboys’ dreams. Be careful when you piss off a bunch of creative types. They might start creating a reality that you don’t want be in anymore, like Apple’s next shareholder meeting.

19 Feb

Big iPod Touch

Sometimes a picture can speak a thousand words. In this case it is a picture of the hopes and dreams of a million fanboys, dashed by the glaring reality about Apple’s iPad. Oh how they wanted and expected the world. But woe unto those who lead a rabid fanbase astray. And woe unto Mr. Jobs and your new fangled iPad. When you’re quarterly revenues are based on fulfilling fanboys dreams, what will locked-down “big iPod touch” grow besides revolt? Oh we know: more Android handsets.

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