18 Feb

iPad: Now with Wings

It was what, three weeks flat before the killer app for Apple’s iPad was decided? Yup, maxipad jokes for those of us with a limitless sense of humor. The saddest thing about this photo is that the design illustrated below has a real and practical use: a built in screen cover. Not only would it add device width along the sides for a better grip, but it could also improve the “hand feel” of the device, depending upon which materials they chose to use.

17 Feb

iPad Shuffle

Of course this doesn’t make sense, it was produced back in the mid 2000’s. But what do you get when Apple releases a product called “iPad” around the same time that Tiger Wood’s it in the news for women trouble? Comic gold, revived. Of course the price is a bit off because everyone knows Apple can’t produce anything of quality under $1,000.

16 Feb

Stephen Colbert’s iPad

This video is not as much a joke as it is a further reminder that Stephen Colbert loves to make jokes at the expense of his benefactors. Let’s see, first public appearance of iPad outside Apple? Check. Stephen Colbert making jokes? Check. Stephen Colbert’s daughter saying iPad doesn’t make dad look cool? Ouch. I mean check. So going back, who thought it would be a good idea to give Stephen Colbert an iPad knowing how good he is at “staying on message”?

15 Feb

5 Stages of iPad Joke Grief

This is one of those jokes that we post because it made us laugh, knowing that few who don’t collect iPad jokes would truly appreciate. For the record, I (Alan) am in the bargaining state while Manuel is perpetually in denial. But I am seeing a zen therapist to pass through anger as quick as possible.

12 Feb

Obama: State of the iPad Address

Yes, a bit nonsensical but a bit of reality at the same time. Funny in one of those, “oh yeah that fits” kind-of-way. Unless of course you read sites like The Daily Kos for humor, in which case you better hurry because they’re doing an expose on the origins and nomenclature of the term “partisanship”.

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